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A schema of the problem is displayed in the file
RBC_schema.eps. Namely, a Rayleigh-Bénard convection (RBC) in a
rectangular domain filled with liquid sodium (Pr=0.005). The
dimensions of the computational domain are pi*H in the span-wise
x-direction, H in the vertical y-direction and H in the horizontal
z-direction. The dimensionless Rayleigh number (Ra) is based on the
cavity height, H. Fluid is heated from below (isothermal wall at
Th=0.5) and cooled from above (isothermal wall at Tc=-0.5), whereas
sidewalls are adiabatic. The Boussinesq approximation is used to model
the buoyancy forces. Periodic boundary conditions are imposed in the
span-wise direction. Finally, no-slip boundary conditions are imposed
at the four solid walls. Numerically, the governing equations were
discretised in space on a Cartesian staggered grid using a
finite-volume fourth-order symmetry-preserving scheme. Hereafter, the
results are presented in dimensionless form where the reference
length, temperature and velocity the cavity height, H, the temperature
difference between the upper and lower wall, Th-Tc, and the buoyant
velocity, sqrt(alpha*g*H*(Th-Tc)), where alpha is the volumetric
thermal expansion coefficient and g is the gravitational acceleration.


Folder RA7_14e6_PR0_005 (DNS results at Ra=7.14e6 carried out on the
MareNostrum4 supercomputer using 1568 CPU
cores and a mesh of 488×488×1280 ≈ 305 million
grid points; it has been carried out for 500
time-units[TU] with an averaging period of

profiles --> time-averaged profiles at different locations.
Labeling: RBC_RA7_14e6_PR0_005_Aabcde where 'A'
is the axis and 'abcde' corresponds to the a.bcde
position in that axis
Ex: RBC_RA7_14e6_PR0_005_Y03500 is the profile at Y=0.35
RBC_RA7_14e6_PR0_005_Z00001 is the profile at Z=0.0001

XYsection --> time-averaged flow
Note: this file is in 2D Cartesian format for Tecplot

Folder RA7_14e7_PR0_005 (DNS results at Ra=7.14e7 carried out on the
MareNostrum4 supercomputer using 3872 CPU
cores and a mesh of 2048×966×966 ≈ 1.91
billion grid points):

movie --> Visualization of the velocity magnitude and
temperature for a 2D section (yz-plane).

The table-headers at the beginning of all the files should be
sufficient to explain the contents of the files.

File RBC_lowPr.tar.gz contains all the above-described information.

For more details you can contact: xavi@cttc.upc.edu or cttc@cttc.upc.edu