Research and Technology Transfer

The research activities are focussed on two main lines:

Mathematical formulation, numerical resolution and experimental validation of fluid dynamics and heat and mass transfer phenomena.

Some issues in this line are: natural and forced convection, turbulence modelling (DNS and LES, RANS, etc.), combustion, multiphase flows (free surface flow, two-phase flow, solid-liquid phase change, etc.), radiation, porous media, numerical algorithms and solvers, moving and non-structured grids, high performance computing (parallelisation),verification and validation, etc.

Thermal and fluid dynamic optimization of thermal system and equipment.

This line involves the application of the acquired know-how from the basic studies mentioned above. Within this second line the Laboratory is working on: refrigeration (vapour compression refrigerating systems, hermetically-sealed reciprocating compressors, absorption refrigerating systems, etc.), HVAC (ventilation, diffusion of contaminants in buildings, etc.), active and passive solar systems (solar collectors using transparent insulation materials, building facades with transparent layers, ventilation and integrated vegetation, etc.), concentrated solar power (CSP), heat exchangers (gas liquid compact heat exchangers for automobile radiators, evaporators and condensers, etc.), heat storage (by liquids and using phase change materials, etc.), numerical simulation of gaseous contaminant transport, aerodynamics, wind Energy, etc.



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